Football United

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Project overview

Social isolation and disengagement fragments local communities. Football United aims to foster social inclusion and cohesion within areas with high refugee settlement and disadvantaged communities, through leadership, skills development, mentoring, and the creation of links with local community leaders and organisations.

Football United uses the magic of football to bring people together for the common goal of creating harmonious and cohesive societies. Football is an ideal tool to foster socialisation. It is relatively inexpensive, enjoys worldwide enthusiasm and is designed as a non-violent sport. It is played by both genders, thus is non-exclusive. It provides transferable skills of fair play, tolerance, inclusion and understanding of oneself, team mates and opponents alike. It teaches of responsibility, winning, losing and participation. It can address diverse and complex issues, such as children’s rights, peace building, education, health promotion and anti-discrimination. Most of all, however, it is fun.

How we achieve these goals

Our impact so far

Project data